The mechanism of profit making

The acquisition of apartments in the property is a profitable and reliable investment. At Premier Resort Hotel you can not only become the owner of elite real estate, but also use it for your own leisure. The management of the hotel complex is managed by the prestigious company Premier Hotels and Resort. The scope of its services includes the centralized rent of apartments, maintenance and repair of rooms and other current operations. The owner of the apartments can remotely monitor the state of affairs online. The successful location of the hotel near the chairlift and parking lot, as well as first-class service, guarantee a high and constant profit already during the first months of business.

Terms and conditions of the hotel operator

All the profit is divided between the owner of the apartments and the hotel operator in the ratio of 70 to 30. 70% gets the owner of the room, 30% – the management company.

Profit calculator

Having filled in the specified lines of the menu, you receive an approximate calculation of the income from the property you acquire. In case of partial prepayment, installments are granted for a year. In the case of a 100% prepayment, a discount of 3% is provided, no 50% or 30% prepayment discount is not provided.

Dynamics of investments

125 000125 000250 000400 000

100 000100 000200 000320 000

75 00075 000150 000240 000

50 00050 000100 000160 000

25 00025 00050 00080 000









* approximate calculation of return on investment

Type of appartments

Payment option

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Options for calculation

All payments are made in the national currency in a non-cash form, at the rate of the NBU on the day of paying the next payment.

Documents for purchase

The copies of passport original of the citizen of Ukraine and his/her taxpayer identification number are required in order to conclude the contract of purchase and sale. In some cases, a spouse’s notarized consent is required.

Popular questions of our clients

What hotels are situated right next to the Premier Resort Hotel?

Premier Resort Hotel is geographically situated at a distance of 700 meters to the chairlift 1R and the parking lot No.1 of the Bukovel TC. There are hotels like Fomich, Torba, OsterPlyatz, Zdybanka, Ra, Schultz, Villa Elena next by.

What is the estimated hotel occupancy?

Taking account of the seasonality factor of TC Bukovel, the occupancy of the stock of suites is 65%, and the growth of foreign tourists by 20% annually compared to the previous year, the demand for hotels of the corresponding class increases proportionally.

What is the expected income from renting a suite?

A suite of the Standard class: gross estimated income of 19673 Conventional Unints, less the operator’s remuneration of 13771 Conventional Unints.

A suite of the Premier class: gross estimated income of 24840 Conventional Unints, less the operator’s remuneration of 17388 Conventional Unints.

A suite of the Lux class: gross estimated income of 50936 Conventional Unints, less the operator’s remuneration of 35655 Conventional Unints.

How does the owner control the occupancy of his / her suite?

All hotel suite owners are provided with a profile access code in the hotel’s online work program. The hotel owners use this program to receive information on:

  • suite occupancy;
  • cost of accomodation;
  • booking;
  • payment;
  • discounts.

Under what conditions the owner can live in his/her own room?

The owner lives for 14 days in the room, during which the utility bills are paid . Starting from the 15th day the owner must pay a management fee of 30% of the daily cost of renting a room of the corresponding class. On such terms, he/she can live in the room for any number of days.

Can citizens of other countries buy apartments?

Thus, the owner of the apartments may be a person of any country; for the conclusion of the contract, one must obtain an IPN from the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and open an account in the Ukrainian bank.

What about the delivery to the ski slopes?

The hotel provides shuttles services, which go between the chairlifts and the center of Bukovel.

What are the privileges for the apartment owners?

The owners of the rooms and their guests become full members of the Premier Club. In any of the Premier Hotels and Resorts chain hotel they will get:

  • convenient and fast check-in;
  • discounts in restaurants and bars;
  • free nights;
  • and other exclusive privileges and offers.

More information can be found at the hotel operator.

How will the owners of the apartments receive their profit?

Taking into account the nuances of the current legislation of Ukraine and the specifics of the market, all payments under lease and property management agreements are planned to be carried out by bank transfer.

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