Amazing apartments with two bedrooms and a living room. Each of the bedrooms has a separate access to a wide terrace, located along the entire front wall. There are also a kitchen, a shower room and a bathroom in the room, the entrance to which is made from a big bedroom.


Living room 26.80 м2

Bedroom 120.30 м2

Bedroom 218.20 м2

Bathroom 111.30 м2

Bathroom 27.25 м2

Balconies 20.30 м2

Total area 90.00 м2

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Profit calculator

Having filled in the specified lines of the menu, you receive an approximate calculation of the income from the property you acquire. In case of partial prepayment, installments are granted for a year. In the case of a 100% prepayment, a discount of 3% is provided, no 50% or 30% prepayment discount is not provided.

Dynamics of investments

125 000125 000250 000400 000

100 000100 000200 000320 000

75 00075 000150 000240 000

50 00050 000100 000160 000

25 00025 00050 00080 000









* approximate calculation of return on investment

Type of appartments

Payment option

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Options for calculation

All payments are made in the national currency in a non-cash form, at the rate of the NBU on the day of paying the next payment.

Documents for purchase

The copies of passport original of the citizen of Ukraine and his/her taxpayer identification number are required in order to conclude the contract of purchase and sale. In some cases, a spouse’s notarized consent is required.

Apartment by YOD

The key theme in the design of the Premier Resort Hotel rooms was the reflection of the surrounding landscape. The combination of boundless and breathtaking mountain scenery and comfortable home-like warm comfort – that’s what became the main idea of the hotel rooms’ furnishings.

Correctly selected fabrics, properly placed lamps, panoramic windows – every detail of the interior develops into a general picture and creates a charming and unique atmosphere of refinement and freedom.

Design and furniture

Buying an apartment in the Premier Resort Hotel, you get a fully finished room in the property, completed with quality furniture and filled with reliable home appliances. The YOD studio is engaged in the design of the hotel.

Design Studio YOD has been designing interiors of hotel and premium class hotels in Ukraine and the near abroad countries for more than 10 years. They have been developing a special, creative idea, thanks to which everyone will feel as home in the surrounding environment. The YOD gives a particular attention to small things. Small decorative elements, a color scale of walls and a ceiling, placement of fixtures – all matters. Designers are engaged not only in design, but also they create furniture projects themselves.

Due to their work, the design studio has earned more than 20 different awards in the field of design. With the help of the skill of YOD specialists, the magnificent and unordinary interiors were created in more than 10 cities of Ukraine. Heads of the studio are constantly self-developing and are looking for new non-ordinary solutions and methods of design.

All elements of decoration and furniture are made of high-strength materials. They keep their appearance for a long time, despite the constant use. Designers of YOD tried to combine design and furniture elements in their project, taking into account the factor of reliability and durability in use.

Thanks to the proficiency of YOD masters, hotel rooms have acquired individuality and style. Each guest, having lodged in the apartment, will feel him/herself a welcome guest, because all the conditions of comfortable and pleasant rest will be created for him/her.

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