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The Premier Hotels and Resort hotel chain manages the Premier Resort Hotel. Read on about the essential advantage of the holding company, and the reason why more and more Ukrainians and visitors from abroad prefer it.

Apartments in Premier Resort Hotel is a profitable investment with a stable income. Buying rooms in this luxury hotel, you can be sure of getting real profits after the first month of guests staying in it. Holding Premier Hotels and Resort developed precise rules for the distribution of income between the owners of the property and the hotel. There are also pleasant benefits and bonuses for owners, if they themselves want to visit this wonderful Bukovel resort and stay in the apartments.

The paperwork will not take much time. The whole procedure is clearly regulated, starting from the verification of the construction site and ending with the conclusion of the contract. Click on the link to find out more.

Our company is confident in the interest of the apartment owners in the details of construction. We decided to separate this information in a section of the site where you can get acquainted with the monthly description of construction works, see photos and videos from the construction site and also subscribe to an alert to track the speed of works.

Can I get income from the rental of real estate in the Carpathians? Yes you can! Buying apartments, you not only become the owner of elite real estate, but also get an opportunity to increase your capital. The profitability program will ensure a high return on investment, and the management company will take care of your property and will take care of the resolving of all rental issues. Want to know the details? Read on.

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